Experience Authentic Italian Cuisine on Our Terrace

A Selection of Fine Italian Wines and Appetizers

Our terrace offers an exquisite selection of Italian wines that have been carefully curated to bring you the authentic flavors of Italy. Our wine list features a variety of options, each with distinct origins and unique characteristics. Among our selection, you will find wines from renowned vineyards in regions such as Tuscany, Piemonte, and Veneto.

From the rolling hills of Tuscany, we offer a robust Chianti Classico, known for its rich, full-bodied flavor and deep ruby color. This wine pairs perfectly with our selection of artisanal cheeses. From Piemonte, we present a delicate Barolo, often referred to as the “King of Wines,” which boasts notes of dried fruit and leather, making it an excellent companion for our truffle-infused appetizers.

Our exclusive options include limited-edition Amarone from Veneto, celebrated for its complex blend of raisin, chocolate, and spice flavors. This wine is ideally enjoyed with our freshly made bruschetta, topped with ripe tomatoes, basil, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Another popular choice is the crisp and refreshing Pinot Grigio, which pairs marvelously with our seafood antipasti, including calamari fritti and marinated octopus.

The appetizers served alongside these fine wines are crafted with the freshest ingredients, adhering to traditional Italian culinary practices. Our menu features a variety of antipasti, such as Prosciutto di Parma, thinly sliced and served with melon, and Caprese salad, made with ripe tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and fragrant basil leaves.

The terrace setting enhances the overall dining experience, providing a picturesque view that compliments the flavors of our wines and appetizers. The ambiance is both elegant and inviting, with rustic wooden tables, soft lighting, and a gentle breeze that carries the scents of Italian herbs and freshly baked bread. This combination of fine wine, delicious appetizers, and a serene atmosphere creates a dining experience that is both memorable and authentically Italian.

Freshly Baked Pasta and Authentic Recipes

Our terrace restaurant takes immense pride in offering a diverse range of freshly baked pasta, sourced from renowned Italian suppliers who have perfected their craft over generations. Each pasta dish on our menu is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Italy, made with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to authenticity.

We offer a variety of pasta types, each bringing its unique texture and flavor to the table. From the delicate strands of spaghetti and the robust rigatoni to the rich and creamy fettuccine, our selection caters to every palate. Our signature dishes, such as the classic Spaghetti Carbonara and the heartwarming Lasagna al Forno, are crafted using time-honored recipes passed down through generations. These recipes highlight the importance of fresh, high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods that preserve the essence of Italian cuisine.

Our suppliers hail from different regions of Italy, each contributing their unique touch to our offerings. For instance, our pasta comes from a family-owned business in Bologna, known for their dedication to using artisanal techniques and locally sourced ingredients. This ensures that every bite you take is imbued with the authentic flavors of Italy, transporting you to the heart of the Mediterranean.

Fresh ingredients are the cornerstone of our menu. We believe that the quality of our ingredients directly impacts the dining experience, which is why we use only the freshest produce, meats, and cheeses. Our chefs combine these ingredients with traditional Italian cooking methods, such as slow simmering and hand-rolling, to create dishes that are both flavorful and comforting.

The warm and friendly environment of our terrace restaurant enhances the dining experience, making guests feel right at home. The inviting ambiance, coupled with the aroma of freshly baked pasta, creates a perfect setting for enjoying a meal with family and friends. Our staff is dedicated to providing exceptional service, ensuring that every visit is a memorable one.



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